Author N Caceres
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Obsidian Feathers - Signed Edition

Obsidian Feathers - Signed Edition

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Some desires refuse to be denied...


My life has become anything but my own. The shiny rock, the sensible fiancé...and a forced “vacation” to El Salvador, courtesy of my insufferable boss.

But I play the game, for the sake of my mother’s aristocratic aspirations, and for some peace.

Little did I know that El Salvador would lead me straight back to a wolfish grin — the one that has me dripping with desire, ready to leave it all and get lost in the jungle...

My instincts are telling me to run. And a single night’s bad decision leads me to a group of cadejo filled with glittering magic, broad smiles and a twisted secret that will unweave everything I think I know about nightmares.


The girl with gold-flecked eyes thought I was joking when I pledged myself to her in that playground. But we were bound in accordance with totoco law — and twenty years later, my cadejo can wait no longer for the mating ceremony.

It’s cute that she thinks she’s marrying some snotty businessman — as if I’d let a man so unworthy of my Xochitl take her to bed every night.

No, now that I have her scent again the dance is over.

Whichever direction she runs, I’ll be there. Whatever the cost.

Obsidian Feathers is a dual POV, Latine dark fantasy romance with lashings of kink, a possessive monstrous alphahole and a sassy, body positive FMC with a fresh twist on the familiar concept of werewolves.