Author N Caceres

The Salt Road - Paperback - SIGNED

The Salt Road - Paperback - SIGNED

Can you stomach finding out what makes a villain a villain?

Few walk the Salt Road unscathed. Here, every wound you inflicted on Earth will gouge its place in your skin, shredding your precious, pathetic human shell into ribbons.

Oh, yes, you can run from your demons all you want. But in Mictlan, they will stalk you until you fall as writhing prey to their decadent promises.

And Annette Yarbrow? She has the juiciest, most depraved secrets that the Road longs to scrape from her insides.

And I’m thirsty. We all are. The Land of the Dead is parched and thrashing with anticipation to slice and claw her sadistic past into its greedy mouth.

By the time we get to the gates of the City of the Dead, I’ll have my answers. I’ll know what drives a creature to become so vile.

But there is still a price to be paid. And Annette’s debtors crave only the most brutal retribution . . .

The Salt Road is a single POV erotic horror that features deeply disturbing content, an affair that will redefine "taboo," divine retribution, and decadent depravity in the Land of the Dead.

Content Warning

(Please note I have done my best to cover as much of the potentially triggering content in this book as possible but may have missed some. Please read carefully. If you believe I have not listed a trigger that is worth being added, please contact me at [email protected] with your concern and the information so that I can consider adding it.)

The enclosed story will feature the following sensitive subjects:

General Content Warnings: birth (not on page), cheating, discussion of drug addiction and recovery, discussions of sexual misconduct, drugging, explicit content, graphic instances of bodily possession by an outside force in a sexual context, graphic language, intense depictions of child abuse by a parent, intense narcissism, murder,
of a child, pregnancy, sexual situations, spousal abuse, teratophilia

Social: Christian deity slander, deportation, emotional/mental manipulation, extreme bigotry against a fantasy species, forced assimilation, mentions of the drug trade, Narcissistic Parent, parental jealousy, prescription drug abuse, small children in an afterlife setting, weaponization of the immigration system

Horror: body horror, burning via acid, crushing, decapitation, denial of bodily autonomy of un-named character, dental horror, dismemberment, drowning, frostbite, gore, immolation, invasion of personal thoughts, lots of blood, lynching/hanging, magical torture, mauling, monster horror, Munchhausen by proxy syndrome, physical torture, sexualization of torture/violence, vomit, vorarephobia, vore

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